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CHEM Allyance is a 501c3 nonprofit within the Comprehensive Health Equity Movement (CHEM)™. Our mission to create Entourage Benefit™ for historically excluded communities through education, personal development, and collaborative community investment projects with CHEM Partners.

Entourage Benefit is the positive impact of collaborative investment and work, such that the outcomes we achieve together are significantly greater than what we could achieve alone.

Meet The Team


La wanda Knox


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Zachary Knox, Esq

Board Member

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RichaRd ng

Board Member

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TerraH green

Board Member

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Dr. rachel Knox, MD, MBA

Board Chair

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comprehensive health Equity Movement (Chem)™

The Comprehensive Health Equity Movement (CHEM) is a call to educate, advocate, and demonstrate core solutions to achieving health equity for all people beginning with communities most divested of access to full health and wellbeing.

CHEM asserts that social equity is our vehicle while health equity is our destination. We believe that health equity should be the True North of all governments, public and private sector institutions, and individuals as we reimagine and create more prosperous societies for all people. Furthermore, we encourage utilizing innovations across agricultural, industrial, and medical industries as a direct means of achieving it. Learn more about the CHEM Pillars of Health Equity™.

CHEM Allyance is the movement’s 501c3 entity formed with a mission to create Entourage Benefit for the historically excluded communities by innovating audacious, collaborative, and unique educational opportunities for the advancement of health equity. 


In coalition with CHEM Partners, the organization creates educational, personal and professional development programs, and collaborative public-private community investment projects.

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