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CHEM Allyance is a 501c3 nonprofit within the Comprehensive Health Equity Movement (CHEM)™.


CHEM Allyance offers curricula and events focused on community enrichment and corporate competency, coordinates positive public-private partnerships, administers the Health Equity Certification program, and is home to the CHEM Global Campus.


Cb1 and cb2 programs

Enriching community competency and solidarity through our Community Building (CB1) and Community Bridging (CB2) programs and consultation services.

CHEM asteamm™ Curricula

Preparing our youth for bright futures by offering K-12 CHEM ASTEAMM™ education and development.

CHEM Global Campus

Integrative CHEM ASTEAMM™ campuses combining best-in-class operations, scientific research, technology, academic curricula, small business development, and community investment initiatives.

Creating Entourage Benefit™ For Our Communities

Innovating audacious, collaborative, and unique educational opportunities for the advancement of health equity.

Man Painting a Wall

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent van Gogh

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